Nordic Wax Iron™


Waxing your skis or snowboard is kind of like riding powder – it’s impossible to do it too much. Waxing on a regular basis not only makes you go faster, it makes turning and handling smoother and more predictable and protects your bases from abrasion. With a little practice, you can master the art of waxing and consistently outrun your partners on the flats or that high traverse to get to the goods. Interested?

Introducing our
Nordic Wax Iron!

Waxing your skis or snowboard with our Nordic Wax Iron will make them hydrophobic, or water resistant. The more hydrophobic your skis and snowboard are, the faster you will be in the slopes! Keeping your skis and snowboard waxed will also make them easier to make smoother turns, maximising your experience in the slopes!


  • BETTER WAX APPLICATION -  Quicker wax melting and much more even spread!

  • PROTECTION - Waxing skis and snowboard is the best way to protect them! Waxing correctly prolongs the durability of your skis or snowboard, meaning a longer lasting investment.
  • PERFORMANCE - Waxing with a proper iron increases ensures your skis & snowboard are performing at their peak. Meaning you will ride faster and smoother on the snow!

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How To Wax Your Snowboard & Skis:
  1. Secure the skis or snowboard to your bench. Place your skis or board flat and base side up and securely supported at the tips and tails They should be clamped or braced so they won’t move while you work on them. Pull up the ski brakes and use a thick rubber band stretched between the brake arms and over the heel piece to keep them out of the way.
  2. Begin dripping wax onto the skis or snowboard. Hold the hot iron upright with the point or one corner facing down. Press the wax to the iron, moving it around on the hot surface. This will start melting the wax, dripping a small stream onto the ski or snowboard. You don’t need full coverage here, you’ll spread the wax over the entire base in the next step.
  3. Use the iron to spread the wax over the entire ski or snowboard. Put the iron to the ski base and move it down the ski to melt the wax you’ve deposited on the base. The goal here is to spread the wax out evenly so it penetrates the entire base. Keep the iron moving at all times; usually a speed of about 1 - 2 inches per second will prevent damage to the base by overheating. Too hot to touch with your hand is too hot!
  4. Let the wax cool completely. It’s best to leave your skis or snowboard at room temperature until the bases feel completely cool to the touch, usually about 30 minutes. If in doubt, wait a little longer.
  5. Once cool, you can move on to scraping and brushing the skis or snowboard. 

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